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Packrafting on the Poudre River – Winter Paddling with Alpacka Yukon

May 4, 2014 – 9:31 pm | Comments Off
Paddling a packraft on the Poudre River

Paddling a packraft on the Poudre River

More winter paddling pictures … I had two paddling photo sessions with my Alpacka Yukon packraft on the Poudre River in February. Both times I started at Kingfisher Point Natural Area in Fort Collins. There is about half mile of slow water behind the diversion dam there. My cruising speed in a packraft is about 2.5 mph. So, paddling against even a slow current provided a pretty good workout.

I did some calculations and speculations whether it is possible to finish Missouri River 340 in a packraft – 340 miles with 88 hours deadline. After setting up a comfortable seat it would possible to make to a finish within ~80 hours or so if weather conditions are not too difficult. However, it would be very difficult to make deadlines for the first two checkpoint which are designed to filter out slow paddlers.

I added above pictures of a packraft to my stock photography portfolio. There are available for immediate download and licensing as royalty free images starting at $2 for a small size suitable for blogging and web publishing.

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