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2009 Texas Water Safari Started Today

Submitted by on June 13, 2009 – 6:15 pm

The second Saturday of June. 2009 Texas Water Safari started today with 100 boats lined up at Aquarena Springs. 260 miles to go down the San Marcos and Guadelupe Rivers to Seadrift in San Antonio Bay. Good luck to all racers and team captains.

It is an occasion for me to browse through my safari pictures. I attended together with Connie as a team captain five races from 2001 to 2005. The 2001 was just observing and training year for us. I completed the TWS in 2002, 2003 and 2005. In 2004, we drove to San Marcos, but the race was postponed due to flooding.

During recent years I had to restrict my racing adventures at distant locations. As a half time scientist with a poor funding I just cannot afford it. TWS including driving from Colorado to Texas and back, river scouting and the actual race, was usually taking almost two weeks of our time. And, I had to include that huge bribe for my team captain in the race costs …

2005 TWS. 5 minutes before the start at Aquarena Springs

2001 TWS. “Cowboys” running the old Rio Vista dam

2003 TWS. Spectators, racers, and team captains at Westerfield Crossing

2005 TWS. Scouting the Cottonseed Rapid before the race

2001 TWS. Traffic jam at the Cottonseed Rapid

2001 TWS. Wait for me! Another scene from the Cottonseed Rapid

2001 TWS. John Bugge driving a 9 person boat through the Cottoneseed Rapid. Current race rules limit boats to 6 persons.

2005 TWS. A nice green logjam on the San Marcos River below Luling. These logjams didn’t look so nice at night time.

2005 TWS. A morning at the Nursery Rapids on Guadelupe River

2005 TWS. Me, Connie and Spencer X-treme canoe at the Victoria checkpoint.

2005 TWS. Norm Thomas finishing at Seadrift

There is also a little bit of a history of my paddling photography in these pictures above. In 2001, I was shooting slides with Canon SLR camera. 2002-2004 was covered by my first digital camera Canon PowerShot S40. And, in 2005 for the first time, I took a camera for the race with me – a waterproof Pentax Optio WP.

April 2002. Spencer X-treme on the Gunnison River in Colorado. Training for my first Texas Water Safari

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