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Sisson Nucleus 100, a Multisport Kayak from New Zealand - Part 1: Pictures

Sisson Nucleus 100 is a multisport kayak designed for intermediate racing paddler and manufactured in New Zealand by Grahame Sisson.

I've been paddling my Nucleus for almost three years mostly exploring rivers and creeks in northern Colorado including South Platte, Cache la Poudre, St Vrain and Big Thompson , enjoying regular paddling workouts and virtual racing on my local lakes and ponds, and racing in the Dotsero Race in Glenwood Canyon on Colorado River and in the White River Run.

You can also find the Sisson kayak in numerous pictures and video clips on my paddling web pages. Here is a dozen of selected shots from my local paddling. In the second part of this post I will present my review this kayak. It's not a secret that it is my favorite boat to paddle.

What is a multisport kayak? Grahame Sisson explaines:

Multisport (kayak triathlon) racing is a New Zealand invention made popular by Robin Judkins' famous Speights Coast to Coast race. Kayaks built to ICF rules (kayak racing) are not ideal for multisport. Kayak racers are generally fresh when they enter their boat. They then tend to paddle at anaerobic levels.

Multisporters are relatively weak because their energy has been dissipated on previous race segments. They tend to paddle at aerobic levels. A multisport racing kayak must be very roomy (for cramping legs), fast at low heart rates (low wetted area), easily steered (rudder standard), low profile to wind (refined deck design), stable (yes - stable relative to ultimate top speed potential) and reliable (robust construction that performs and endures). All of these features can be found in our range of multisport kayaks.

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