Wed - December 13, 2006

Mounting Garmin Edge 305 GPS on a Kayak Deck

Garmin Edge 305 Fitness GPS

The Edge 305 is one of Garmin fitness GPS models which can be used with a heart rate monitor.

I've been using Garmin Edge 305 GPS device for several months, primary for paddling workouts and virtual racing. This unit seems to be more popular among paddlers than a wrist mounted Garmin Forerunner 305. Peter Unold from Denkmark is also using Edge 305 and posting plots from his workouts.

Usually, I am improvising with a piece of foam and bungees to hold my GPS devices on a kayak deck. I am always using a tether to secure the gadget.

The Edge 305 is designed for biking and comes with mounts for bike handlebar or frame but it is not possible to attach any tether to it. The above picture demonstrates my simple solution to this problem. The original bike mount is used to attach the GPS to piece of pvc pipe with a hole to tie a tether, and then slipped under deck bungee cord with a piece of foam. Later, I secured that piece of pipe to the the foam with some plastic ties.

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