Sun - December 17, 2006

Suction Cup Mount for Garmin Edge GPS on Thunderbolt Deck

Garmin Edge 305 GPS

It's snowing in Colorado, so instead of paddling I spent some time in a garage working on my new Thunderbolt kayak.

I fabricated a simple mount for Garmin Edge 305 GPS using a suction cup. This suction cup comes from a sticky pod camera mount and it's equipped with 1/4" thread. You can attach a camera mini ball (knuckle) or anything else. I used a piece of aluminium strip and plastic ties to add a GPS bike mount. It should work OK. I have never had problems with this suction cup when used with my Pentax Optio W10 camera. Of course, I am going to keep that thing on a tether.

Thunderbolt-x cockpit

I also trimmed seat hangers in Thunderbolt cockpit leaving just a convenient hand grip to portage the kayak. I feel much more comfortable seating in T-bolt. All what I need is some river time to figure out how long or how far I can paddle in this kayak: 10 miles, 50 miles, ... ?

Dan Murn sent me a picture of a foot brace from his Thunderbolt offering much better boat control than the original single bar. I am going to produce something similar. So, more garage work for winter days. Ooops! It's not a garage, it's a boathouse ...

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