Wed - June 11, 2008

Kayaking for Fitness - An 8-Week Program to Get Fit and Have Fun

Kayaking for Fitness, Jodi Bigelow
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Finally, the Jodi Bigelow's Kayaking for Fitness book is available at Amazon. It has different cover than in the pre-order version. The book is illustrated by Jock Bradley's photography.

Anybody had a chance to look at this book? It would be great to gather some comments or reviews.

The essential guide to achieving and maintaining physical fitness and body tone with kayaking. Unlike running and cycling, kayakers enjoy the benefits of fluid low-impact activity and core strength development while having fun exploring on the water. For new or experienced paddlers looking to stay active and learn how to use the kayak as a fitness tool.

About the Author: Jodi Bigelow has been a competitive adventure athlete for over 10 years. He has become one of the top adventure athletes in Canada, competing in sprint to multi-day adventure races. He is also an avid kayaker, specializing in Downriver (Wildwater) and Marathon Kayaking events. He has been a member of the Canadian Wildwater team since 1994, has competed in several World Championships and has earned the title of Canadian Wildwater Champion in 2006.

His training in the winter focuses primarily on developing strength and base fitness using x-country skiing. He is certified as an instructor and coach in both x-country and alpine skiing as well as kayaking. Coaching outdoor sport has been part of his life for 20 years. He owns and operated Paddlefit based in the Ottawa\Gatineau region.

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