Fri - June 16, 2006

Erin Magee on Texas Water Safari 2006

San Marcos, Texas A quote from Erin's weblog:
They're dropping like flies at Hochheim was a result of that stretch of river looking like the surface of the moon. At first I thought it was my driving, so I took a nap, and in the daylight realized I had no water to paddle in so it wasn't my driving!

There nothing like no tree coverage and low water in the Dupont area to make you wish you were at work in your office!

But there is nothing like getting to the Seawall to let you know that work is what you do only 8-5 - but this is what you live for!

Only in Texas can you pay $75 and have a real adventure - on your own terms.

The above picture of Erin is from the start of TWS 2005. The last year I took my Pentax Optio WP for the safari and managed to shoot some pictures during the race. And, here is a nice picture of Erin from this year: Solo ... the real man's race

Certainly, the low water TWS 2006 will result in many good stories. According to unofficial results only 51 teams from 101 entries have finished the race.

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