Tue - June 17, 2008

Fitness Paddling and Racing in Pictures on Flickr

Just a reminder and invitation:

Exercise, train, race by kayak and canoe ...

.. and post pictures from your racing events or paddling workouts in the new Fitness Paddling and Racing photo group which I just created on Flickr. You can see four randomly selected pictures from that group on right.

You can find plenty of pictures from different races on Flickr including such ultra marathon events like Texas Water Safari, WaterTribe, Missouri River 340, or Yukon River Quest. There are posted in various paddling, kayaking or geographically oriented groups.

I think it would be useful to gather all these pictures in one group and, perhaps, put more emphasis on different racing boats, their outfitting, paddles and other racing gear. It means that less artistic, but more technical documentary pictures are also welcome.

So, if you are already on Flickr please sent your pictures to my group. If you are not, it is easy to join. A free Flickr account will allow you to upload up 100 Mb of pictures per month. It's a lot, especially, if you downsize your pictures before uploading.

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