Sat - September 15, 2007

... Kruger Challenge, Chicago Shoreline Marathon and paddling movies

Speedlinking for September 15, 2007:
  • The Kruger Challenge 2007, Saturday, October 27: 100 miles on the Big Manistee River within 24 hours. All types of paddle craft are welcome. The river current at this time of year is slow to moderate and is considered easy. No rapids. No portage. This event is free and rather informal.
  • Eric Borgnes (Midwest Performance Paddlers forum) wrote a good report from the Chicago Shoreline Marathon which took place on September 8: professionally organized, tough and challenging.
  • I am sorting my paddling video clips from the recent years. Many of them cover training and different races. Here is the index of 2007 movies. More in next updates.

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