Thu - September 20, 2007

Aveiro, Portugal, Warsaw, Poland and Training Options While on the Road

I will be traveling for the next two weeks: the first week at Aveiro, Portugal, attending a conference on air pollution modeling, and the second week visiting my family in Warsaw Poland. So, my blogging may be somewhat erratic during this time depending on the internet access. No paddling, but I hope for some good photography opportunities. Colorful boats and water reflections at Aveiro look really tempting. I know what I will be shooting in Warsaw. I just need to survive my conference presentation to start enjoying the trip.

I have found a very related post in Run to Win blog: Training options while on the road. I am taking with me thera bands to simulate paddle stroke and do some shoulder exercises, and, perhaps a jump rope. I have been doing shoulder exercises on more or less regular basis since my shoulder surgery in November 2002.

However, I believe that walking with all my camera gear will provide me enough cross training.

Aveiro, Portugal by J. Rodrigues Aveiro, Portugal by Nils Pickert

Here is my first picture from Aveiro: moliceiros boats

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