Sun - June 15, 2008

10 Most Popular Posts in 2008 Fitness Paddling Blog

Here are the 10 most popular (i.e., the most frequently visited) posts in this blog during the first half of 2008 year:

1. 2008 Marathon and Ultra Marathon Paddling Race Calendar

2. 14 Tips on Kayak Forward Stroke Dynamics by Mark Zollitsch

3. Carter Johnson on Training for Ultra Marathon Kayak Races

4. Training Tips and Guidelines for Fitness Paddlers and Racers

5. 13 Tips on Training for Endurance Paddling Races from West Hansen

6. Folding Racing K1 Kayak from Birgit Fischer and Nautiraid

7. Mounting Garmin Edge 305 GPS on a Kayak Deck

8. Guinness 24 Hour Flat Water Paddling Record by Carter Johnson on Huki S1-X Surfski

9. Is Ultra-Marathon Kayak and Canoe Racing Growing?

10. Tips on Kayak Paddle Stroke from a Texas Water Safari Racer

I feel that I need to update "Is Ultra-Marathon Kayak and Canoe Racing Growing?" article which was written 2 years ago. Since then, some new long distance races with a growing popularity were born, e.g., Missouri River 340.

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