Thu - August 24, 2006

10 Miles on the Colorado River into Glenwood Canyon - Dotsero Race

10 miles on the Colorado River. ~1600 cfs. The start at Dotsero just above a confluence with the Eagle River. A couple of choices between multiple river arms. Then three rapids with hay stack waves leading into the Glenwood Canyon. The river is slowing down going to the full stop at Shoshone Power Plant. Just before the dam there is the finish at the Hanging Lake parking area.

The annual Colorado River Race organized by Canoe Colorado took place on August 20. There were 13 boats, kayaks and canoe, so participation was much better than last year.

I paddled my Sisson Nucleus 100 kayak third time in a row. I had to work pretty hard to stay with Eric Nyre in his new Rapier 20, and, finally, I lost a sprint at the finish. My Sisson has no glide in comparison to longer kayaks. I had almost the same time as a year ago, but considering that the river flow was hire this year, my run was probably slower. In fact, I lost 5:30 minutes to Mike Lesnik in his WSBS X-par miles, more than last year.

Connie couldn't come with me this time, so I have only pictures I shot by myself before the race during my warm-up above Dotsero and at the start, and after the finish. I had an occasion to try the Rapier 20 and X-par Missile - see my post Can I Fit My Butt into a Narrow Racing Kayak?

Race Results

Unlimited Solo Kayak

1st Mike Lesnik 1:08:30 X-Par Missle
2nd Jerry Nolan 1:11:29 ICF K1 (WSBS Javelin)
3rd Eric Nyre 1:14:00 VSK Rapier 20
4th Marek Uliasz 1:14:01 Sisson Nucleus 100
5th Matt Thomas 1:34:10 Impex Assateague

Solo Touring Kayak

Tie for
1st/ 2nd
Ty Thorndike 1:39:49 Prijon SeaYak
Paul Menashe 1:39:49 CD Solstice
3rd Jud Hurd 1:50:26 Prijon

Solo Canoe

1st Lee Bartlett 1:27:45 We-no-nah Prism
2nd Clem McHale 1:32:43 Bell Merlin II

Recreation Canoe

1st Deb and Chip Havens 1:25:58 We-no-nah Cascade
2nd Carol Johnson and Ken Lotze 1:29:42 Old Town Penobscot 17
3rd Chris Boyd and Dave Wetzel 1:45:26 Mad River Adventure 16

Eric Nyre posted a picture of our close finish in this year race with the following comment:

This is what Marek (MountainWayfarer) and I looked like for about 45 minutes of the race. He's in better shape, but I was in a faster boat.

I thought a photographer on shore was the race timer, so I started to slow down a little (I was a boat length ahead) when I saw this little white boat suddenly start to pass me. Fortunately the Rapier 20 will jump 3mph almost instantly and I was able to gain a 1 second lead before we crossed the real finish line.

I have posted race results and pictures from the years of 2002, 2004, and 2005 when I participated in the race with my CLC Patuxent 19.5 kayak, and Sisson Nucleus 100. You can find the race results since 1984 and more pictures on Jerry Nolans's web site . Jerry also posted 2006 pictures extracted from a video shot my his wife Marcie.

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