Thu - February 1, 2007

Ice Canoe Racing across St Lawrence River in Quebec City

training for ice canoe race Quebec

What do you do when your river is starting to freeze? You do the ice canoe race! At least Canadians do. The above picture shot by François Carrier shows a team in preparation for the race to be held during the Quebec Carnival.

Check Taming the Saint Lawrence in winter, a crazy race for really spectacular pictures and more information on the ice canoe race across the St Lawrence River:

The idea for the race emerged in the beginning of the 20th century during a competition between small wooden postal boats. Before a bridge was built across the river, the mail was carried by boat between Quebec and Levis. The difficult task was achieved by men who would risk their life for the community's well being. Every year, a race was organized to determine the fastest teams who would have the honor and privilege of being entrusted with the dangerous and prestigious task. The winners would become famous heroes throughout the province.

Now there’s an association (the Association de Canot a Glace de Quebec - ACCGQ) and several regular annual races, including at Quebec City's Carnaval de Quebec , the biggest Winter Carnival in the World. More than 40 teams compete, struggling with the powerful current, great chunks of ice and numbing water.

The video clip below will give you some taste of the race. I found it through Kayak Wendy blog.

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