Sat - March 3, 2007

Heather Nelson on Training for the 460 Miles of the Yukon River Quest

The recent (April'07) issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine brings River of Pain - The 460 Miles of the Yukon River Quest , article by Heather Nelson, expedition kayaker and racer. It is her first hand account of racing the 2006 YQR in a sea kayak. It was a tough race due to cold and rainy weather. Several teams were forced to scratch. Heather finished the race course in 46:42 hours and was the first solo woman, second solo kayak and sixth overall.

Here is what Heather said in the article about her training for the Yukon River Quest:

Training for an endurance race like the Quest requires treading a fine line between strong and race-ready without overtraining and becoming injured. I had trained for six months, paddling six to 10 hours during the workweek and either competing in a race or going for a long paddle on the weekends. Daily trail runs and weight lifting three times a week added aerobic fitness and strength. Three 12 hour training paddles had pushed my endurance and helped me figure out my outfitting, gear, seat and food.
It is worth to visit Heather and Brandon Nelson blog on Ultra Marathon Paddling and read their post Two Views of Victory: 460-mile Yukon River Quest.

Tips on Training Series: Paddling in the Yukon

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