Thu - September 6, 2007

Surfski Paddling is Taking Off in Scandinavia

Surfski paddling is taking off in Scandinavia - the first surf ski race ever in Sweden took place on September 1, 2007 near Arkösund. The race course was 20km in calm weather. eskimo rolling surfski Oscar Chalupsky, in Europe to attend the World Kayaking Championships in Hungary took the opportunity to participate in the race.

Swedish ocean racing kayak championship posted a report from this race with comments by Oscar Chalupsky and other racers. Oscar Chalupsky won the race in 1:36:11, 4 minutes before Jørgen Dyblie from Norway, and 6 minutes before Martin Nordstrand from Sweden.

Martin Nordstrand featured in the recent portfolio by Björn Olin, King of Eskimo Panic Roll, where he was rolling his Epic V10 surfski.

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