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Bay Creek Racing Team and Lake Ontario Downwind Races 2008

I am trying to promote fitness paddling and racing in this blog. If you would like to announce or report your racing event I can post it here. I have started to fill the marathon race calendar for the next year. Below is a recent correspondence from Dan Murn.

Bay Creek racing team

Bay Creek Racing Team

Bay Creek Canoe and kayak team started this summer. We promoted a 2 mile time trial every week for 10 weeks. Several of our racers started taking lessons from me. So my Boss Ken Alfeather and I decide to start a racing team with hats jackets and jersey's. Our first team race was at the long lake regatta on sept. 23. The team was: Tom Murn, Dan Murn, Paul Dorschied, Ken Alfeather, Doug Roode, Micheal Finnear, Frank Cabron. Two members could not attend this race but competed in our series - Bill Feeney and Jim Mallory. We all paddled kayaks. We trained all fall until it got too cold . We also subbmitted our 5 mile time trial to the virtual race which we plan to continue next year. We plan on looking for new members and and developing our Lake Ontario Donwind Race as well our weekly time trial.

Lake Ontario Donwind Race

Hi All,

Bay Creek kayak center in Rochester, NY, is going to have a downwind surfski, outrigger and kayak race. The race will be on Lake Ontario which has really clean water and good surfing. We plan on having it on June 28, 29. We just picked up the Epic line and they are going to help us promote the event. Grayson Bourne ( kayak Pro) and Terry Kent (Swift Canoe Kayaks) are going to attend and have demos. The plan is to go all out to promote and develop and eastern version US surfski championships. At least $1000 prize money will be given out as well as great prizes. We are planning 3 different courses to have the best surfing possible around 10 miles and a shorter novice race. We are going to have a large tent barbecue and music for the event.

We like to invite your group to place your race on the calender. If you have any suggestions on how to do this. W e would apperciate your experiance. We also plan on housing athletes at our racing clubs homes.

Best regards
Dan Murn
Bay Creek Racing Team

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