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2008 Marathon and Ultra Marathon Paddling Race Calendar

I am preparing a race calendar for 2008 with a focus on marathon and ultra marathon kayak and canoe events. If you would like to post your race here please send me information by e-mail or just write it down in comments below. You are welcome to send me some pictures from your previous races or a race course.

There are three listings. In the race events we can post individual races. I would like to limit this list to long distance events. The shortest race is the 10 mile Dotsero Race on Colorado River, but it is the only annual flatwater race in Colorado at this time. It is also possible to post race schedules from paddling clubs or organizations. Finally, in the 3rd section I will list all other submitted races which I have troubles to fit in the main table.

I would appreciate any corrections or updates. After each major update I will be moving this post up front.

1. Race Events

Fort Desoto - WaterTribe Challenge start lower Suwannee River sunset near Turkey Key

WaterTribe Everglades Challenge

March 1-9, 2008
Fort Desoto - Key Largo, FL
~300 miles
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WaterTribe Ultra Marathon

March 1-2, 2008
Fort Desoto - Grand Tours, FL
~68 miles

WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge canceled

March 1-30, 2008
Fort Desoto - Fort Desoto, FL
~1200 miles
2006 UFC pictures

South Platte Upstream

"Rotten Egg Race"
March 16, 2008
South Platte River
9 miles upstream
Kersey to Evans
to join a club down river trip
kayaks canoes on South Platte River

South Platte River Marathon

March 30, 2008
South Platte River
31 miles
Wildcat (St Vrain River) to Kunner
South Platte River Marathon South Platte river below Greeley

BluzCruz Marathon

April 19, 2008
Mississipi River
22 miles from Tara Wildlifet to Vicksburg, MS
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Texas River Championship

April 19, 2008
San Marcos River
39 or 21 miles
San Marcos (or Staples) to Luling
Cottonseed Rapid - San Marcos River Old Mill Rapid - San Marcos River

Bushwhacker Challenge

May 17-22, 2008
150 miles
Pine and Chippewa Rivers
a close loop from Cesar Crossing near Alma, MI

Bushwhacker Sprint

May 17, 2008
10 mile on Pine River

in memory of
Verlen Kruger

Wyoming Outback Challenge

May 25, 2008
48 miles, North Platte River
Saratoga - Fort Steele (I-80), WY
2007 results & pictures 2008 results & pictures
North Platte River at Eagle Nest Rapid Wyoming Outback Challenge - race course

General Clinton Canoe Regatta

May 25-28, 2008
70 miles Susquehanna River
Otsego Lake, Cooperstown to Bainbridge, NY


Texas Water Safari

"The Worlds Toughest Race"
June 14-18, 2008
260 miles, San Marcos to Seadrift, TX
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Aquarena Springs - Texas Water Safari Victoria checkpoint - Texas Water Safari

Yukon River Quest

June 25-29 , 2008
Whitehorse - Dawson, YT
460 miles, Yukon River

Rochester Open Water Challenge

June 28, 2008
Ontario Beach Park, Rochester, NY
3 and 10 miles, Lake Ontario
Bay Creek Paddling Center

6th Annual Montana Cup

June 29, 2008
14 miles, Missouri River between
Helena and Great Falls, MT
The Great Falls Paddlers Club

Missouri River 340

July 18-19, 2008
Kansas City - St Charles, MO
340 miles, Missouri River
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61st Wyerhaeuser AuSable Canoe Marathon

July 26-27, 2008
120 miles
Grayling to Oscoda, MI


11th Annual Two Harbors Kayak Festival

Aug 1-3, 2008
incl. 18 mile kayak marathon
Lake Superior, MN

Dotsero / Glenwood Canyon

August 17, 2008
Dotsero - Hanging Lake, CO
10 miles, Colorado River
2007 results & pictures
Colorado River above Shoshonee Dam Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon

Kansas River 50

"Gritty Fitty" Aug 30, 2008
Lawrence, KS - Kansas City, MO
50 miles, Kansas River
2007 GPS track & pictures
Kansas River Gritty Fitty Race Kansas River Gritty Fitty Race

Colorado River 100

Aug 30 - Sep 1, 2008
Bastrop - Columbus, TX
100 miles, Colorado River, TX
pictures: 2004, 2007

Chicago Shoreline Marathon

September 27, 2008
Lake Michigan along shores of Chicago
4 x 4-Mile Relay
8-Mile 2-Beach Race
25-Mile Marathon


Phatwater Kayak Challenge

October 11, 2008 ?
Port of Grand Gulf - Natchez, MS
Mississippi River, MS
42.5 miles
2007 pictures

any time
Virtual Race
5 or 10 miles
WSBS Thunderbolt kayak

4th Missouri River 340

August 4-8, 2009
Kansas City - St Charles, MO
340 miles, Missouri River
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tentative dates
full moon
see 2007 Races

2. Race Listings and Schedules

3. Other submitted races

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