Wed - September 3, 2008

2008 Colorado River Kayak and Canoe Race in Glenwood Canyon

Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon

The annual 10 mile race from Dotsero to Hanging Lake rest area on the Colorado River organized by Jerry Nyre (Canoe Colorado) took place on August 24, 2008. I didn't race this year due to wrist tendonitis (more related to my computer work than paddling).

solo canoe
1st Lee Bartlet 1:26:54
2nd Clem McHale 1:43:40
touring kayak
1st Eric Nyre 1:23:18
2nd Pam Noe 1:26:07
unlimited kayak
1st Jeremy Rodgers 1:04:32
2nd Andy Howell 1:08:33
3rd Mike Lesnik 1:09:01

Jeremy Rodgers:

I was hell bent on breaking course record of 1:05 which I did set by a composite tandem K2 set back in 1999. Hanging Lake was no longer a flowing river this year as Shoshone Dam was functioning as usual. Cfs was about 1600 or medium to low. None of the surprise drops from last year were encountered.

I believe that Jeremy paddled his JKK Supernova multisport kayak and Mike Lesnik - WSBS X-par Missile. Andy Howell is a South African marathon paddler transplanted to Denver this summer. He was paddling a Fenn surf ski.

Results, reports, pictures, movies and animations from the previous races:

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