Sun - November 20, 2005

It's my Life - Music Video Clip by Nic Riosa, Marathon Kayaker

Nick Riosa is a marathon kayaker from New Zealand who since 1998 has been coming to Europe to compete on the international stage. He lives now in small town called Decin in the Czech Republic.

It is worth to visit his webpage NR Racing to look at reports and pictures from his marathon racing during last five years. You will also find It's My Live music video. The video resolution is not great and the server may be sometimes slow but you will see Nic's incredible technique and balance for portaging and launching a marathon kayak. After more digging at his website I found another music movie and somewhere else a very short clip showing his portaging technique. Judging from the same outfit and haircut all movies were shot in August 2003 during the World Cup II, Tyn Czech Republic.

It's My Life || Nic Riosa || Portage

I am lucky that I cannot try to jump in and out from my Sisson kayak that way. The cockpit is just too small. And water in Colorado is getting cold ... I cannot carry my safari canoe over shoulder like a narrow kayak but I should work on improving my getting in and out of this boat. I will wait until spring, however.

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