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Fri - December 7, 2007

Zsolt Szadovszki and Carter Johnson Side by Side on Surfski

Carter posted an interesting video clip on YouTube.com showing him surfsking side by side with Zsolt Szadovszki. He calls it: Hack vs the Pro. I think he is a way too modest.

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Thu - August 16, 2007

Training with Huki SX-1 Surfski and a Hungarian Kajner Wing Paddle on Video

Carter Johnson is still recording his training on Huki SX-1 Surfski with Pentax Optio W30 camera. This time he included a view of his GPS on video:

Question for Carter:

What paddles are you using? Do you use the same paddle size for your sprint/interval training as for long distance racing?

I now use a paddle called a Kajner for everyting. It is Hungarian. It is slightly smaller than an Epic mid wing and has round vs oval shaft. I like it mainly because the catch is more aggressive and as we know that is where most of your power comes from. At the same time though it is very light and the smaller blade makes it forgiving. This in my mind makes it the ultimate long distance or surfski wing. I wish I would have used it for the safari, but I only got it a week before and did not think switching paddles just before a long race was a good idea. Zsolt Szadovszki is the US distributor.

- Carter

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Wed - August 8, 2007

1000 m Sprint in Huki SX-1 Surfski - Video Clip from Training for Texas Water Safari

Here is another video clip shot by Carter Johnson with Pentax Optio W30 camera mounted on the bow of his surfski. Carter was training intervals before Texas Water Safari.

This video clip was compressed by YouTube. The quality of the original movie from my Pentax Optio W10 (and I am sure from the newer W30) is much better.

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