Sat - November 19, 2005

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fit2paddle - fitness paddling
I have decided to move subjects related to training, fitness and racing from my original paddling blog into a new one: fit2paddle - fitness paddling. All other subjects including trip reports, river exploration and photography will remain in the Wayfarer blog.

This blog will be written from a perspective of a mature paddler who after 30 years of recreational paddling (well, it was often rather intense recreation...) started to race four years ago. Who choose for his racing debut Texas Water Safari. Who is trying to train more or less regularly avoiding injuiries. Who is still improving somewhat. And who has a lot of fun from training, paddling and any other outdoor activity.

I consider myself a fitness paddler, only sometimes a racer. What is fitness paddling? Perhaps, it needs to be defined.

I hope to get contributions to this blog from my fellow paddlers.
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