Tue - December 13, 2005

Spencer X-treme (Extreme, Xstream?) canoe in the virtual race

Dave Bartell doesn't stop. After the Seda Glider entry to the 5 mile virtual race, he sent me another one, this time in Spencer X-treme canoe. X-treme by Spencer Canoes
Dave: This Extreme is my original (picked up in late 2002) - it has one Safari and countless other miles. I love the boat more every time I paddle it. It is on the heavy side because it was built at a time when Jack was using a new epoxy and it set a bit quicker than he anticipated. I also have a large front compartment with hatch. I think the boat comes out at 39 lbs.

My X-treme from 2001 is lighter (originally it was ~29 lb), but doesn't have bulkheads. I am using floatation bags and spray deck instead. So far, I have completed three Safari in my boat in 2002, 2003 and 2005. Dave finished TWS in 2003 in 58:08 hours. My time in that year was 66:05 hours. His time in the 5 mile time trial was 6.73 mph while I could make only 6.06 mph, so I have a lot room for improvements.

The 20' X-treme is a very popular solo unlimited design in Texas Water Safari and other Texas races. You can find numerous pictures of this boat in my Safari reports. I see some similarites between X-treme and Kruger's Sea Wind. Of course, they are designed for different kind of paddling, but they are both hybrid boats combining the best feature of kayak and canoe. And they are both really comfortable for a long distance paddling.

I've got four 5 mile race entries this year from Dave, so it is possible to compare speed of different boats under the same paddler: Futura S1-X surfski - 6.90 and later 7.21 mph, Seda Glider sea kayak - 6.41 mph, and X-treme safari canoe - 6.73 mph.

Even Jack Spencer is not sure how the name of his design should be spelled: X-treme, Extreme, X-stream, ...

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