Fri - June 2, 2006

Missouri River 340, August 2-6, 2006 - A new long distance race is beeing born

The Missouri 340 is an expedition style race across the state of Missouri on the Missouri River: see for information. Competitors will start in Kansas City and finish in St. Charles near St Louis. There are no dams, locks or portages on this stretch of the Missouri. The Missouri 340 course is all on Class I water. The current is about 3mph and there are no rapids. The biggest hazard to paddlers would be motorboats, mostly fisherman, and the occasional towboat pushing barges. In river obstacles would include wing dikes, buoys and bridge pilings. You can see these attractions even on the above satellite pictures of the Missouri River below Kansas City.

There are no mandatory cutoff times or checkpoints except for the end of the race which is noon on Sunday, August 6th. You have 100 hours to cover 340 miles. Racers are required to check in by phone, at least every 8 hours, to notify race officials of progress and/or withdrawal.

The race is open for all solo and tandem kayaks and canoes propelled by single or double blade paddles. No problems with racing hybrid boats like Kruger's Sea Wind or my safari unlimited Spencer X-treme canoe.

The organizers are still working on the race format and setup and they are open for suggestions. There are only 3 months left to the race start. Hopefully, it will turn into a successful annual event. I have "only" 9 hours of driving from Colorado to Kansas City, so the race looks easy to attend in comparison with WaterTribe challenges in Florida or Texas Water Safari. Related posts:

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