Thu - November 30, 2006

Kaw Point Where Kayak and Canoe Races Start and Finish

Kansas City

In the picture above, I am paddling my Spencer X-treme canoe at the confluence of Missouri and Kansas Rivers.

It was a night before the start of the first Missouri River 340 race from Kansas City across the state of Missouri to St Charles in August this year. My wife, Connie, shot that picture from a boat ramp at Kaw Point catching a nice skyscape of the Kansas City lit by sunset.

The day was very hot and it wasn't still cooling at sunset. An excessive heat alert was in place for the Kansas City till 10 pm. I didn't feel that great before the race. The heat was killing me. I was still recovering from a nasty infection. I just stopped taking penicillin a few days earlier. I didn't have any river time in my safari boat this year and a wind chop and eddies at the confluence made be quite nervous.

A little bit of adrenalin next morning and all my problems were cured. I had a pretty good paddling for 78+ hours and 340 miles.

Next year, the Kaw Point will host again the start of Missouri River 340. The 2007 race is scheduled for July 24-28. I believe that organizers wanted a full moon during the race. The race format will change by adding several checkpoints with cut off times.

However, the Kaw Point will see more kayak and canoe racing next year. Kansas River 50 race from Lawrence to Kaw Point, is tentatively scheduled for June 30, 2007. The race will have one portage over a dam about 15 miles before the finish. There is a heavy construction at that dam right now, so the race plans remain still somewhat uncertain.

For more information about Missouri River 340 and Kansas River 50 races visit and their discussion forum.

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