Wed - January 10, 2007

2006 Missouri River 340 Race - River Scenes from Coopers Landing to St Charles

In the previous post we left the Missouri River at sunset just below Franklin Island. We are returning back to the river on a foggy morning below Coopers Landing. The photo story continues through the 3rd and 4th day of my race to St Charles.

Some highlights:

  • Foggy mornings - nice photographic opportunities at sunrise.
  • Heavy headwinds during daytime.
  • I had a good 6 hour sleep in a tent at Coopers Landing, and then just napping for 3 hour in a boat at the last night.
  • Last night: "something big" jumped out next to me and swamp my boat; I had to pump out a few gallons of water; one of these near heart attack situations ...
  • I was paddling solo almost all time except first few hours of the race, but I had unexpected finish together with Bryan Hopkins.
Missouri River Paddler

A Guidebook for Paddling the Missouri River from the Headwaters to St. Louis, Missouri

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