Thu - May 25, 2006

SandyBottom on the Choice of Kruger's Dreamcatcher Canoe for Expedition Racing

The WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge is over but SandyBottom aka Dawn Stewart keeps paddling and writing. She posted several good articles in her paddling blog related to the UFC: The last article is a delight for all Verlen Kruger followers and for anybody planning a serious paddling expedition.
For the past few years, my choice of sea kayak has been NDK's Romany or Explorer. Still, I choose not to use my sea kayak in the WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge (UFC), and instead paddled a Kruger Canoe, a boat up until 8 months before the Challenge, I had never even paddled. So, was I happy with my choice.

I chose the Kruger Dreamcatcher for the UFC because everything I had read and researched, and saw, in my previous Everglades Challenges had me believing that a Kruger would be the driest and most comfortable boat to paddle, for 40 miles a day, everyday for 30 days, compared to a typical sea kayak. It's size also offered the additional bonus of letting me bike tow the portage rather than walk-tow the 40 miles.

My Explorer might be more playful for a few hours, but the Dreamcatcher surprises me all the time. It's such a great traveler, I can't wait to start planning some trips with it soon.

Paddling the Dreamcatcher always draws questions from sea kayakers. Questions often based on misinformation, ignorance and/or narrow mindedness. I think most see canoes only as being being paddled on calm lakes or rivers. They don't realize that there is a whole history of expedition in touring canoes. Most that rival and actually best the current sea kayaking expeditions that are so popular right now, and which are getting a lot of press.

Sea Wind or Dreamcatcher are very popular boats in WaterTribe events, but, usually, they enter challenges in class 3 equipped in relatively large sails and outriggers or linked together into a catamaran - just look at all these colorful sails at the race start. I believe that only SandyBottom. RiverJohn and me paddled Kruger solo boats in class 1 limited to a small downwind sail.

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