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Sun - March 2, 2008

WaterTribe Everglades Challenge and Ultra Marathon 2008

watertribe everglades challenge

The 8th WaterTribe Everglades Challenge started yesterday (March 1, 2008) at Fort Desoto in Tampa Bay. The WaterTribe Ultra Marathon runs concurrently with the Everglades Challenge. The 2nd 1200 mile Ultimate Florida Challenge was canceled for this year.

There are 33 boats on a roster of the Everglades Challenge and 9 in the Ultra Marathon. Check WaterTribe forum for the most current position of racers and view them on a map.

video clip Everglades Challenge
video clips
Everglades Challenge map

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Wed - December 5, 2007

Sunrise Fishing at Sanibel Island Bridge, Florida

Florida fishing

Well, I wasn't fishing. I only stopped for a breakfast and short rest just before sunrise at this beach near Sanibel Island bridge. It was March 2006 during the WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge.

I was quite proud of myself that I managed to unpack a tripod, setup the camera (Canon EOS 10d) and shoot some pictures. However, the horizon on all those pictures came really not horizontal. So, the above picture was rotated almost 5 degrees.

A few minutes later, I paddled my Sea Wind canoe further along the Florida coast towards Estero Pass.

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Mon - August 13, 2007

Mark of Kruger Canoes Talks about Verlen and Expedition Racing in FurledSails Podcast

FurledSails provides a weekly sailing podcast focusing on cruising and recreational sailing. In January 2007 they featured a very interesting and a very long, almost 1 hour, interview with Steve Isaac, Chief of WaterTribe. And, just recently, they interviewed Mark Przedwojewski aka ManitouCruiser of Watertribe, the builder of Kruger Canoes, in two part podcast: part 1 and part 2.

In the first part, Mark is talking mostly on Verlen Kruger, his canoe adventures and development of Sea Wind and other Kruger canoes. In the second part, Mark talks more about his own expedition racing including WaterTribe Challenges and the recent Missouri River 340 race.

What is the most important in long distance races? (1) comfort, (2) having fun (mental attitude). He is contrasting his racing approach (long but comfortable hours on water) to a "suicidal" approach of Carter Johnson, but obviously they both enjoying what they are doing. Mark is also sharing his racing diet secrets and how nutrition helps him to fight with a sleep deprivation.

You will learn about Kruger Canoe College, a series of classes designed to teach you how to travel by canoe in a safe, efficient and comfortable manner, and kid camps.

Mark has built more than 130 Kruger canoes (Sea Wind, Dreamcatcher and Kruger Cruiser), but he prefers paddling than building. I believe that my Sea Wind #127 was the first boat built by Mark.

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Mark Przedwojewski at Fort Desoto

Missouri River 340 Race

Missouri River 340 Racet

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