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Exercise, train, race by kayak and canoe

About Fitness Paddling blog.

This blog will be written from a perspective of a mature paddler who after 30 years of recreational paddling (well, it was often rather intense recreation…) started to race a few years ago (2002). Who choose for his racing debut Texas Water Safari. Who is trying to train more or less regularly avoiding injuiries. Who is still improving somewhat. And who has a lot of fun from training, paddling and any other outdoor activity.

I consider myself a fitness paddler, only sometimes a racer. What is fitness paddling? Perhaps, it needs to be defined.

About me: Marek Uliasz aka Wayfarer:

20 years of paddling folding kayaks in Poland and sailing Baltic Sea. 17 years in Colorado
paddling kayaks and canoes, exploring local lakes and rivers wherever one can find water.
6 years of long distance racing including Texas Water Safari, WaterTribe Challenges,
and Missouri River 340. Paddling for training and exercise on local lakes and reservoirs near
Fort Collins. Hiking, biking and in-line skating for cross training. Since always photography
and recently videomaking. More than 10 years of WWW publishing and blogging.

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