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New 62 lb Competition Kettlebell in My Backyard

Submitted by on June 18, 2015 – 10:56 pm
Kettlebells provide my favorite weight lifting workouts these days. I used to work with kettlebells during my college years in 1970s in Poland. They have been growing in popularity as a fitness exercise in USA over the last decade or so. I rediscovered kettlebells and included them into my fitness training in 2011.

Currently, I have three weights of kettlebells.
– 25lb, my first one and the lightest one. I am using it for warmups and test some new exercises.
– two 50lb kettlebells for my basic workout
– 62lb competition kettlebell, a new addition. I am just starting to use it in a backyard. I wouldn’t like to drop that monster on my floor inside.

The new kettlebell with a nice mat finished already featured in a photo session. Here is a collage of resulting pictures. I added them to the fitness gallery in my stock photography portfolio. They are available for download and licensing as royalty free pictures.

I have other new fitness gear in my backyard, but I still need to shoot some pictures.

62 lb competition kettlebell

62 lb competition kettlebell

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