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Stand Up and Sit Down Paddling with GoPro Hero 2 and 3 Cameras

Submitted by on March 29, 2013 – 11:06 pm

It happens again … I am playing with cameras instead of training. Do I really have to paddle that MR340 race?

I have recently upgraded from GoPro Hero 2 camera to Hero 3 (black edition). Let’s look at some pictures from my recent paddling on Beaver Pond in Arapaho Bend Natural Area in Fort Collins.

Badfish Inflatable SUP and GoPro Hero 2 Camera

Badfish Inflatable SUP
Badfish Inflatable SUP

First, the old GoPro Hero on a bow of Badfish SUP with an improvised suction cup mount. There are more pictures from the cloudy day paddling showing details of a camera mount in Paddling with a Camera blog. The first sunny picture above shows a smoke plume from the recent Galena wildfire behind me. It was less smoke on the lake than in my backyard.

Sea Wind Canoe and GoPro Hero 3 Camera

paddling Sea Wind canoe
paddling Sea Wind canoe
paddling Sea Wind canoe

Now, GoPro Here 3, but with a different boat – Sea Wind canoe, so a little bit of “sit down” paddling with a somewhat better weather. I had a company of a young eagle fishing on Beaver Pond. It went down to water twice, but I don’t think it did catch anything.

The quality of pictures from GoPro Hero 3 is much higher. I am going to perform a more detailed, side by side, comparison of Hero v.2 and v.3 including also my my current “life jacket camera”, Pentax Optio WG2.

Badfish Inflatable SUP and GoPro Hero 3 Camera

Badfish Inflatable SUP
Badfish Inflatable SUP

It is a different natural area in Fort Collins – Riverbend Ponds. I am testing a new idea for a camera mounting. No suction cups. Details are coming soon.

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