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The End of My Photography during the 2008 Missouri River 340 Race

September 9, 2017 – 7:26 pm | Comments Off on The End of My Photography during the 2008 Missouri River 340 Race
2014 Krugerhead Race when MR340 was delayed due to flooding

This article was originally published in my old Paddling with Camera blog on July 24, 2008, i.e., just after the 2008 MR340 Race. The big sandbar was, of course, Hills Island.
In early MR340 races I was doing much more photography than nowadays. Perhaps, I …

Paddling on My Mind

June 2, 2015 – 9:10 pm | Comments Off on Paddling on My Mind

This is my imaginary window showing some of my paddling activities. To display all my boats I would need a bigger window. This year I am paddling mostly Sea Wind canoe alternating with a SUP – Bark Expedition right now, and inflatable Badfish for early …

Winter Paddling on the South Platte River in Colorado

January 22, 2010 – 9:23 pm | Comments Off on Winter Paddling on the South Platte River in Colorado

I haven’t started any regular training on the South Platte River in this year yet. However, following our New Year trip, 22 miles to Fort Morgan, I had a couple of paddling photo session on the river above Kersey.

The river flow is going down, but there is still plenty of water to paddle. I believe that South Platte remains the only open water in northern Colorado.

Some of my paddling pictures can be licensed for personal and commercial or purchased as prints and on some other fancy mechandise at my SmugMug website. You are welcome to check paddling galleries or Colorado Water portfolio.

Yesterday, I exercised Spencer X-treme canoe. That boat felt tippy, especially, with single blade paddle. Did I really manage to paddle 340 miles on the Missouri river in that shell?
Hunting blind at a confluence of Lone Tree Creek with the South Platte. I heard a heavy gun fire further upstream at Mitani-Tokuyasu Wilderness State Area. Perhaps, it would be nicer to switch my paddling sessions from afternoons to mornings.

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Photo Impressions on Surfrigger, My Outrigger Canoe

February 21, 2009 – 7:11 pm | One Comment

I am trying to decide which of my boats to paddle this year in ultra marathon races like MR340 or South Dakota Challenge.

Thunderbolt-X kayak goes for upstream / downstream workouts on the South Platte River, but on my local pond I am trying some other boats. It is still more photography than training …

My last paddling photo session on the Beaver Pond was with Surfrigger, my outrigger canoe.

My single blade paddling … It is probably OK with Sea Wind canoe, but it definitely sucks in the case of Surfrigger. I need some inspiration! Let’s look at Danny Ching paddling OC-1 (video by Outpadlin from

I need to visit Rambo’s Locker more often.

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