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The End of My Photography during the 2008 Missouri River 340 Race

September 9, 2017 – 7:26 pm | Comments Off on The End of My Photography during the 2008 Missouri River 340 Race
2014 Krugerhead Race when MR340 was delayed due to flooding

This article was originally published in my old Paddling with Camera blog on July 24, 2008, i.e., just after the 2008 MR340 Race. The big sandbar was, of course, Hills Island.
In early MR340 races I was doing much more photography than nowadays. Perhaps, I …

Paddling on My Mind

June 2, 2015 – 9:10 pm | Comments Off on Paddling on My Mind

This is my imaginary window showing some of my paddling activities. To display all my boats I would need a bigger window. This year I am paddling mostly Sea Wind canoe alternating with a SUP – Bark Expedition right now, and inflatable Badfish for early …

Wintertime Canoe, Packraft and SUP Paddling in northern Colorado

April 5, 2014 – 4:47 pm | Comments Off on Wintertime Canoe, Packraft and SUP Paddling in northern Colorado
canoe paddling on the Poudre River

This year I had a longer break in paddling during winter than usual. I finished my 2013 season in late November with Badfish SUP on the Poudre River in Fort Collins and restarted in late January on the South Platte River with Sea Wind canoe. …

4 Days of Paddling and Sailing in Canyonlands

May 14, 2012 – 3:38 pm | 3 Comments

Here is a short summary of my paddling with Rob Bean using two Kruger canoes in Canyonlands from the town of Green River down the Green River to the confluence and upstream the Colorado River to Potash near Moab.

May 2-5, 2012. 4 days of paddling with some downwind sailing. 168 miles. These were 4 long paddling days up to 15 hours per day. 53:18 hours total on the water including short stops during day, but without camping time. Green River flow: 5000-6000cfs, Colorado River flow 4000-5000cfs.

We had a great weather, but with a lot of strong wind – more headwind in the downriver section, then downwind when going upstream. Nevertheless, the wind was very helpful when paddling up the Colorado River. Our downwind sails were a good idea. Calm mornings and nights. A great paddling at the full moon every night. No flash lights needed.

Typical paddling speed in the upstream section: ~2.5 mph. No problems with the Slide (a narrow spot just above the confluence), but, further upstream, there were two more difficult wider fast sections or “rapids” from our perspective. First, we managed to paddle through with the aid of our sails. We ended up walking the second after a good paddling fight with a jet boat audience. These two sections could be easier with higher and deeper water, but the Slide would be more challenging.

I will post more pictures soon, but I didn’t have too much time for shooting except around sunrise. I did some shooting around Moab before paddling and in northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado (9 Mile Canyon, Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam at Brown Park). Rob produced some nice video clips for the day 0, day 1, day 3, day 4.

2010 Missouri River 340 Race Starts Tomorrow

August 23, 2010 – 2:51 pm | 4 Comments

The 5th Missouri River 340 Race from Kansas CIty to St Charles starts tomorrow. The race was postponed by month due to flooding on the Missouri River. The water level is still very high. Late August, shorter days, hopefully cooler than in July, but still full moon. It may be somewhat different than usual.

I am paddling Sea Wind canoe this year. It will be a fully self supported race for me including a shuttle. I will be testing a new option for a shuttle and I will have a chance to see the river three times from a different perspective. I will try to shoot some pictures at least at the start, but it’s quite hazy a day before the race.

I wonder how many paddlers will manage to attend the postponed race.

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A Year Ago in Fitness Paddling – November 2007

November 15, 2008 – 3:54 am | Comments Off on A Year Ago in Fitness Paddling – November 2007

Paddling Kruger Designed Sea Wind Canoe after a Year in WSBS Thunderbolt Kayak

Red Sunset, Calm Water, Fast Kayak

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