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2006 Missouri River 340 Results: 10 Kayak and Canoe Finishers

Submitted by on October 27, 2015 – 11:42 am
10 years of MR340 Race: 8 official finishes, 1 missed race and 1 unofficial race course run. 5 different boats, but always solo. 10 years of experiments and adjusting my race strategy, preparation and training. I am sorting my pictures, data and stories and writing new articles. Perhaps, I should write an e-book. What do you think?

Meanwhile, here is a revised post written just after the first race, originally published on August 9, 2006.

10 Finishers Paddled across the State of Missouri

1st Annual MR340 Race: 15 boats – kayak and canoes – started from the Kaw Point boat ramp at the confluence of Missouri and Kansas Rivers for 340 mile Missouri River Race at 8:00 on August 2, 2006. The racers experienced the excessive heat during the first day, and spectacular but violent thunderstorms during night which brought somewhat lower temperatures for the next paddling days. However, Friday and Saturday provided strong headwinds for tired paddlers.

10 teams completed the race by Sunday noon at Bishop’s Landing at St Charles after crossing the entire state of Missouri.

As expected, a veteran Texas marathon racer, West Hansen, won the race finishing at 1:40 pm on Friday after almost 54 hour of lonely nonstop (if you don’t count a 30 minute nap) run.

Next 4 paddlers – one mixed tandem followed by 3 solos – arrived next day afternoon between 12:20 and 21:00.

The third group of paddlers was finishing at St Charles on Sunday between 9:20 and 12:32.

5 teams dropped out of the race. However, two solos stayed in the race for the long time making 269 and 237 miles. So, number of finishers in this long race looks pretty good. However, with more of adverse weather conditions, it is likely that a half of teams would have troubles to complete the race before Sunday noon or 100 hour deadline.

The race was great, organization excellent. Special thanks to Scott Mansker and Russ Payzant, the main organizers, who were also providing assistance with The Lonestar and Kaw Warior during the race and to all other organizers and volunteers behind the scene of the Missouri River 340.

I was shooting pictures with Pentax Optio W10 camera during my 78+ hours on the river. Connie, who followed me by land, also was shooting pictures (see above). So, I will be posting more pictures from the race and more writing about my experience.

2006 Annual MR340 Race Results:

overall name City Division Time boat comments
1st West Hansen Austin, TX Men’s Solo
53:40 Devo Spencer X-treme One record:
men’s solo
2nd Chuck McHenry
Diane McHenry
Ironton, MO
Ironton, MO
Mixed Tandem
76:20 Findeisen tandem kayak record:
mixed tandem
3rd Bryan Hopkins Columbia, MO Men’s Solo
78:29 16′ CLC kayak
4th Marek Uliasz Ft. Collins, CO Men’s Solo
78:32 Spencer X-treme
5th Brian Smith Pflugerville, TX Men’s Solo
85:00 kayak
6th Dawn Keller Outer Banks, NC Women’s Solo
97:20 Seda Glider kayak record:
women’s solo
7th Ben Morgan Rustburg, Va Men’s Solo
97:20:20 17″ Perception kayak
8th John Munger
Travis Worley
Kansas City
Kansas City
97:20:40 17′ Old Town canoe record:
men’s tandem


Katie Pfefferkorn Columbia, Mo Women’s Solo
98:36 17′ Perception kayak


Christina Glauner
Edie Jackson
Lawrence, KS
Kansas City, MO
100:32 Perception kayak record:
women’s tandem


Don Wilkison Kansas City, MO Men’s Solo Withdrew at
269 miles
tandem canoe his dog refused to paddle

DNF James Fawcett St. Charles, MO Men’s Solo Withdrew at
237 miles
solo canoe
DNF Lisa Swafford
Scott Swafford
Columbia, MO
Columbia, MO
Mixed Tandem Withdrew at
74.5 miles
17′ Old Town canoe


A.W. Paris
John Burkhead
Blue Springs, MO
Athens, AL
Tandem Withdrew at
30.5 miles
17′ Old Town canoe


David Greer Springfield, MO Men’s Solo Withdrew
at 6 miles
13′ kayak

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